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    Module : school memories writing


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    Module : school memories writing

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    Module : school memories
    paragraph : Dear my best friend,
    « a friend in need is a friend indeed”
    That’s why I write you this letter.Iknow that the first term is over but I remarked that your school results were not acceptable . I respect that you don’t have ability to assimilate the difficult subjects but you have to try to do well at school and improve you results.
    Because you need someone who advise you , I spend all my effort to find different ways which will aid you .
    Well , in my opinion I think that to succeed every pupil must follow these tips :
    First of all , you must organize your time and revise regularly your lessons : every lesson in its time directly after studying it because arrangement is the best key to succeed .
    Don’t spend your time on silly things : the time is an enormous fortune , like the english proverb say " time is gold". That’s why we must use it by wisdom.
    In addition , you must be attentive in class and listen carefully to your teachers to get a nice amity with them .
    Second , you shouldn’t make noise in class : whole pupils will be the victims and unlucky that lesson will be in the exam .Moreover that noise in class makes teachers so angry and they can report pupils .this is the most dangerous punish .
    Don’t forget that you musn’t cheat in the exams . someone who resort to cheating lack a confidence in himself and you must be sure that cheating isn’t a good way to succeed . Why not , it is possible to rely on yourself and owning up .
    Also , I suggest being a decent pupil . If you respect your friends and your teachers, I’m sure they will esteem you.
    Finally ,I invite you to participate more in class. Besides , you have to take care when you chose your friends .
    Ok, now I believe that I give you some pieces of advice . Perhaps , they will help you .
    I wish you all the best and you have to be
    certain that I will encourage you …. Good luck
    yours Nour

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