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    chapter1:storage devices


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    chapter1:storage devices

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    Storage devices


    Storage devices (mass Storage)are used
    to store data permanently. they are physical media on which data is stored . these
    materials can be transported from a computer to another . among the storge
    media we can mention the hard disk the floppy disk CD-ROM DVD … a storage
    medium is characterize by name its size and type.


    Its capacity of storage is equal to 700

    Floppy disk

    Its hasa limited capacity(1.44)

    Flash disk

    It’s a removable support . its has many capacities
    of storage

    Hard disk

    It is here that all of your programs and data are

    2-unites of measure

    1kilobyte(kb)= byte

    1megabyte= kilobyte

    1gigabyte= megabyte

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