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    chapter 1: Software exploitation


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    chapter 1: Software exploitation

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    Activity 17:
    How to select a text block?
    The selection of a text is the basis of manipulation of text in Word. It is necessary to determine the area in which there will be an operation. The selected text is high lighted (or in reverse video)
    Object to select Examples of action (s) to do to make your selection
    A word: Double-click on the word.
    A line: Click on the selection bar at the line level.
    A sentence: Keep The “ctrl” key down and then click anywhere in the sentence.
    A paragraph: Click three times on the paragraph or double-click the selection bar on a line of the paragraph.
    A block: Put the cursor at the beginning oh the block and then drag the mouse to the end of the block.

    Amaze your friends by finding other combinations of keys on the keyboard to make selections.

    VI-2-Copy and Move
    To copy the chorus, you can follow the following steps:
    1) Select the text.
    2) Choose the ‘’Edit’’ menu
    3) Choose the ‘’copy’’ command
    4) Position the cursor at the location of the copy
    5) Choose the ‘’Edit’’ menu
    6) Choose the ‘’Paste’’ command I love you

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