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    clothes modern and traditionel


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    clothes modern and traditionel

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    Many Tunisians dress in Western-style clothing. Traditional dress, however, remains common as well, especially in the villages and among the elderly. Tunisian men often wear a type of fez (headdress) called a chehia. It is made of brown or red felt, and is either rounded or flat on top. Traditional male clothing includes a jalabiyya (a long dress like garment) and baggy pants. Women who dress traditionally wear a sifsari. This is a long outer garment with loose folds and a head covering. It is commonly worn over Western-style clothing. Rural women wear a mellia (a large, loose head covering) draped across the head and shoulders.
    Nowadays, all Tunisian young people wear modern clothes. They wear trousers and shirts because they are more practical to use. Besides, people would like to look elegant. They are also fond of the European fashion. But people can’t wear traditional clothes because they are more expensive and modem one. Besides. We can say it is true that shorts, Jeans, T-shirts are more beautiful but they are less practical.
    Why did teenagers like their clothes ?
    Teenagers like their clothes because they like sportive clothes, short clothes and colours. Also, they want to ware new fashion and interesting clothes, because in their age, they want to be cool and beautiful. However, every generation has a kind of clothes.

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